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Iowa School Report Card

Iowa School Report Card

We encourage you to explore the information provided here regarding the Iowa School Report Card, and we also urge your to get to the know the school behidn the label.  As questions about our improvement efforts, and ask what you can do to support our teachers and students.

While this information can add to conversations in our community about how we’re preparing our students for success, these measures are based on limited data.  As we know from our other accountability initiatives such as the federal No Child Left Behind Act, schools are so much more than labels.  Labels and ratings do not tell the whole story.

We recognize that improvement is a priority, and our focus is on that very thing.  It is also important to keep in mind that our school is made up of teachers working hard on the behalf of our students, and we welcome you to come in a observe this in action.  We are confident that our continued dedication to our improvement plans will result in the outcomes we all want to see.

You can locate our schools’ results and more information on the Iowa School Report Card website.

Iowa School Report Card FAQ

Iowa School Report Card Quick Guide