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District Negative Lunch Account Policy effective 8/28/2017

The Ballard Board of Education has approved a new policy governing negative balances in lunch accounts. The entire policy is available at the following link:  Ballard Nutrition Policy 701.01

Below are important elements of the policy.
• Students will have individual accounts, not family accounts.
• Deposits may only be made online or in the main office of each school.
• Negative balances may not exceed $25.00.
• Students with negative balances less than $25.00 may not charge extra milk, additional meals, or ala carte items. Students with a negative balance greater than $25.00 may pay cash for a meal, but will not be permitted to pay cash for extra items beyond the meal.
• K-8 students will be provided an alternative meal once their negative balance reaches $25.00.
• The district will notify parents whose students are approaching or at a negative balance.
• Outstanding debt may be referred to a collection agency after reasonable attempts by the district to collect the debt.

The policy will be effective Monday, August 28. Student accounts with negative balances must be paid in full prior to the effective date. A payment plan may be established for those unable to pay the negative balance in full by the effective date of this policy. Contact the Ballard District Administration office prior to August 28 to do so at 515.597.2811. Simply indicate you wish to set up a payment plan and you will be directed to a staff member who can assist.
Questions about the policy may be directed to the District Administration office at 515.597.2811.