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World Food Prize Global Institute

In October 2021, Morgan Catron participated with 150 other students from around the world in The World Food Prize Global Youth Institute through Iowa State University. At this event, Morgan presented her research and paper on Sustainable Farming in Haiti with an emphasis on the rotation of crops to fight soil erosion. She had the opportunity to network with other students, professors, and professionals from around the world to try to find solutions to combating food insecurity. Two highlights for Morgan were being able to talk to Lawrence Haddad, a British economist who works on food security, agriculture and poverty, and social protection, and creating a communications platform that connected her to other students sharing the same interests as her. Of the communication platform, Morgan said, “I was placed second for most connections built within the event. This allowed me to gain confidence in reaching out to as many peers as possible who had the same interest as me. Gaining email addresses, new friends, and new goals for myself, I was moved by the experience and it has now pushed me to do more in the field of agriculture.” In addition to her recognition for her outstanding communication platform, Morgan received a $1000 scholarship from the Department of Agriculture at Iowa State University. After high school, Morgan plans to attend Iowa State University with a Major in Agronomy and Food Resources with a Minor in Spanish and a Minor in Agricultural Business. Congratulations, Morgan!

M. Catron