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Ballard High School

BHS Required Continuous Learning

Ballard High School Required Continuous Learning Schedule

Each student will use their on-site schedule as a tool to understand his/her distance learning schedule.  As an example, if a student has math class first period when on-site, he/she will have math on Mondays and Thursdays first period for distance learning.  On Tuesdays and Fridays, he/she would not attend a first period class.  Instead, he/she would engage in asynchronous learning tasks.  A five-minute break is built in between each class period, and lunch break will run from 11:15-11:45.

Band and choir instructors will schedule lesson times.

Students receiving instruction from Special Education teachers and/or the EL teacher will work directly with that teacher to schedule additional instructional meetings if needed.


HS Secdule


Here is a quick guide to helping understand exactly how your student’s schedule will operate in distance learning.


Attendance will be taken during all live (synchronous) learning sessions.  Additionally, on days when a student’s class is not scheduled to meet, students will be asked to engage in learning activities.  Completion of this work will be accounted for as evidence of the student’s attendance for that day.  Building level teams will review attendance data and contact parents/guardians if the student is not engaging on Google Classroom.

Student and family expectations

As part of our district Return to Learn plan, we have put together expectations for our distance learners and ways families can support distance learning.