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November School Board Meeting Summary

November 14, 2022

Ballard School Board Meeting Summary

Prepared By: 

Stacey Noe, Board Member

Ottie Maxey, Ballard Community Schools Superintendent 


October Regular Meeting Minutes: 10/10/2022
November Agenda: Regular Meeting
Next Meeting 12/12/2022 – 6PM 


Election of Board President/Vice President for 2023:

President: Steve Domino

Vice President: Brandee Gatchel  

2023-2024 Academic Calendar: 

The 2023-2024 proposed academic calendar was provided to the board and approved. The calendar has a midweek start date of Wednesday, August 23rd. 178 days of instruction (1,112.5 hours) are covered in the approved calendar. 

Paraprofessional Holiday:

The board approved an exception to the employee holiday policy for para-educators, providing them pay for the Memorial Day holiday, which due to the calendar, falls outside of their contract dates.

Review of Emergency Plan

During a closed session, the board reviewed the district’s Emergency Operations Plan. The district continues to work to evolve the plan and the preparedness of the district should an emergency situation arise. 

 New Block Schedule/Graduation Requirements/Health & PE Curriculum:

The high school administration has been working to identify a new bell schedule which will benefit students by providing them with more academic opportunities. The administration has identified a block schedule for the 2023-2024 school year and will be working with staff to assist with the transition. Additional staffing needs are anticipated as new classes will be added to the elective offerings. 

The new block schedule will allow for students to increase the number of courses they can take throughout their 4 years at Ballard. Due to this, the graduation credit requirements will be increased to 50 credits (by 2027).

Lastly, the new block schedule also allows for improvements to the PE & Health curriculum at Ballard. Following a curriculum review, the PE Department is excited to bring additional courses to Ballard students, starting in the 2023-2024 school year. 

Facilities Master Planning:

As the board prepares for the next 5-10 years, a master facilities plan is essential to the continued success of the district. During the meeting Sam Stagg, from 10Fold, presented information regarding what a facility master planning process would look like. 10Fold will be drafting a contract for approval at the December regular meeting.

2022-2023 Certified Enrollment:

Amber Jungst, District Registrar, presented final enrollment numbers for the District. 

  • Total Students attending Ballard – 1,848.13, increased by 52 students

Fall K-8 Fast Data Review:

Katie Claeys, Director of Teaching and Learning, presented Fall Fast Test results. The district continues to see improvement across all grades. Math scores were very positive and reading fluency and comprehension were also good. The administration will continue to monitor system-wide data to identify learning gaps and provide resources to help address these areas.  

2022 Iowa School Performance Profile (ISPP) – Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Building Designations:

Katie Claeys, along with Administration from each building, presented ISPP/ESSA assessment data for the year. Buildings in the district are all in good standing and the board commented on how proud they are of the teaching staff and the work they have been putting in. Moving forward, each building has identified key areas of focus for the year to come to continually increase their building’s performance. 

2022 Ballard Cross Country Success:

The board took some time to recognize the success of the 2022 Ballard Girls Cross Country team and their coach Scott Barth for a great 2022 season and their success at the State Meet, where the team placed 2nd overall. 

 Next Meeting:  December 12, 2022 –  6:00PM

Ballard School Board Room (located in the Middle School – enter through door #13)