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The Ballard School Board will meet Thursday, November 30, 2023 at 6:00 PM in the Ballard Middle School Board Room. Please register here if you would like to view the meeting online.


School Board Meeting Highlights

November 13, 2023

Ballard School Board Meeting Summary

Prepared By:
Stacey Noe, Board Member
Dr. Dani Trimble, Ballard Community Schools Superintendent 


October Regular Meeting Minutes: 10/9/2023
November Agenda: Regular Meeting
Next Meeting 11/30/2023 – 6PM 



HVAC Project Public Hearing

A public hearing on the plans, specifications, form of contract and estimated cost of construction for the HVAC Replacement Project at Ballard East and West Elementary buildings was held. There were no comments or questions for the board. 

Ballard West Space Reconfiguration Project – complete thank vendors

The Board of Directors is happy to report that the Ballard West Space Reconfiguration Project has been fully completed. Thank you to 10 Fold Architecture and Engineering for their work on the project. 

East Lunchroom Table

The board approved a bid to purchase 14 new lunchroom tables for Ballard East Elementary.

Transportation Support Vehicles

The board approved the purchase of a new Suburban to add an additional support vehicle to the transportation fleet. 

Ballard Certified Enrollment

Final enrollment numbers for the 2023/2024 school year were reported by Board Secretary Amber Jungst. Overall the district saw a 13.23 student decrease for the upcoming school year. Open enrollment out of the District was consistent with last year, with a slight decrease in dual enrollment students. Open enrollment into the District increased by 13.2 students, with preschool enrollment up 15 (preschool enrollment is counted at a .5 rate for funding purposes). The swing from graduating a larger senior class in 2023 and a smaller incoming K class for 2023/2024 year had the largest impact on the overall enrollment numbers.

Next Meeting November 30, 2023 –  6:00PM

Special Meeting to organize for newly elected board members

Ballard School Board Room (located in the Middle School – enter through door #13)