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Required Continuous Learning

Required Continuous Learning

This delivery model is done via distance learning in the event that school buildings are closed due to the pandemic.  Teaching and learning will take place in two different ways: the first is live (synchronous) learning sessions, where students and teachers meet together virtually.  The second is through asynchronous learning, where instruction and learning occurs at different times (examples: pre-recorded video lessons, email exchanges, online discussion boards).  

There are two ways we may utilize Required Continuous Learning (online learning):

  • The Iowa Department of Education, in consultation with the Department of Public Health, approves of the temporary move to primarily remote learning for an entire building or district because of public health conditions; or
  • The school, in consultation with state and local public health, determines that individual students or classrooms must temporarily move to primarily remote learning

Delivery Platform

If a distance learning model is deployed, teachers and students will use the following digital learning management system, or platform, to engage in learning:

PK-2: Seesaw (parent tutorial here)

3-12: Google Classroom (student tutorial here) (parent tutorial here)


School Work Area

Please designate a consistent area in your home for all school tasks. This will help create a mindset for learning, just as being in the physical classroom does for on-site instruction. All student materials should be readily available and organized in this area.  Please ensure your school area has appropriate seating, lighting, and a power source for your student’s device. This organization will allow for efficient transitions and protect instructional time during live instruction sessions.

To report absences during distance learning for illness or appointments, call the school’s main office to report an absence, just as are the expectations in a face-to-face environment.

Building Schedules and Information

Ballard West Elementary (Preschool – 2nd) Ballard East Elementary (3rd -5th Grade)
Ballard Middle School (6th – 8th Grade) Ballard High School (9th – 12th Grade)