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What does Ballard mean to you?

Upcoming Events

Thu 5/24

  • 10:30 AM Golf: Boys JV/Varsity vs. TBA, TBA (Away)
  • 5:00 PM Baseball: JV vs. Ames (Away)
  • More Events

Fri 5/25

  • 8:00 AM Golf: Boys JV/Varsity vs. TBA, TBA (Away)

Hey, Ballard!

How did you spend your Spring Break?

"I spent my Spring Break in Minnesota with my family." Kortasia Lee, 9th grade
"Over Spring Break I took the time to relax and wind down. When I came back, I was refreshed and ready to learn. So I think Spring Break positively impacted my schoolwork." Elee Mortensen, 8th grade
"I stayed home and got buried in snow by my neighbors." Ava Vance, 6th grade

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