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Ballard Community School District

What I love about Ballard...

Upcoming Events

Thu 1/21

  • 4:15 PM Basketball: Boys 8th vs. Carlisle (Home)
  • 4:15 PM Basketball: Boys 7th vs. Carlisle (Away)
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Fri 1/22

  • 4:30 PM Basketball: Boys JV vs. Boone (Home)
  • 4:30 PM Basketball: Girls JV vs. Boone (Home)
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Hey, Ballard!

What has been your favorite part of school this fall?

"Being able to see all my friends and teachers after five months!" Haden, 8th Grade
"Making new friends " Grace, 10th Grade
"Being able to have some form of normality with being in classrooms and participating in sports " Ali, 11th grade

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