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Tonight's JV football game against Webster City has been cancelled!

What does Ballard mean to you?

Upcoming Events

Tue 9/26

  • 4:15 PM Volleyball: 8th vs. Ballard Middle School vs. Winterset (Home)
  • 4:15 PM Volleyball: 7th vs. Ballard Middle School vs. Winterset (Home)
  • More Events

Wed 9/27

  • 1:30 PM Early Dismissal (Home)
  • 12:00 AM Home

Hey, Ballard!

What Homecoming activity do you most look forward to?

"I always look forward to marching during the football halftime show and all the little activities homecoming brings (dress up days, tping, general school spirit and return of graduates)" Emma, Junior
"I look forward to watching the Homecoming game and throwing baby powder at the start. Bomber spirit is the best!" Liz, 10th grade
"I look forward to the parade!" Jozeph, 6th grade

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