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1:1 Computer Initiative

After five years of research, testing multiple devices in the classroom, evaluating how our teachers use technology, consulting with other schools who have implemented various devices, and keeping fiscal responsibility at the forefront of our thinking, Ballard Community School District has chosen
the Dell Chromebook 11 using Google Apps for Education for our computer 1:1 initiative.

Ballard will utilize the same funding source we currently use for our existing technology purchases, which does not compete with teacher salaries or classroom supplies.

The Chromebooks will be the property of Ballard Community School District, but students will be able to take them anywhere they would like. Ballard insurance will cover the cost associated with accidental damage to the Chromebooks. Damage determined to be the result of negligence or intentional actions may be subject to replacement cost assessed to the parent of the student.

The Chromebook will be required during school. Like a textbook, or any other instructional resource, student learning will be supported by the use of this device.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email Dave McGill, Director of Technology.

Chromebook Student/Guardian Agreement

Chromebook Student/Guardian Agreement en español  

  • Increase student and teacher access to technology
  • Provide access to real-time, relevant information
  • Increase use of online textbooks and other web based information
  • Provide opportunities for 24/7 Classroom experience
  • Increase student engagement in the classroom
  • Instant feedback for students and teachers
  • Increase awareness of digital citizenship

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