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Bullying and Harrassment

Bullying and Harassment Policy

Ballard Community School District  Grievance Procedure for Title IX, Section 504, Equity and other Regulatory Discrimination Complaints

The procedure below will be used by the Ballard Community School District for the processing of student and family complaints of discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, or sexual orientation. This procedure provides for the processing of a grievance at several levels of progressive decision making. At Level 1, a grievance is heard by an authority at the level most immediate to many grievance occurrences. Level 11 decision making is at the central administrative level of the agency. Level 111 is with the Superintendent of the Ballard Community

To report an incident involving Discrimination basis on Sex, Sexual Misconduct, or Interpersonal Misconduct, any of the following individuals may be contacted:

Ballard Community School District Title IX Coordinator: Audra Watson
Ballard Community School District Superintendent: Dr. Danielle Trimble
Ballard High School Principal: Chris Deason
Ballard Middle School Principal: Tom Maher
Ballard East Elementary School Principal: Mike Manock
Ballard West Elementary School Principal: Jennifer Johnson

All School District employees who become aware of a possible instance of Sexual or Interpersonal Misconduct must report such information to the Title IX Coordinator. However, school counselors and nurses may need to exercise some additional discretion due to their positions and independent responsibilities to protect confidential student information.

The School District will conduct a prompt, fair and impartial investigation and resolution process for every complaint or concern reported. For complaints against students, the appropriate building principal or designee will conduct the investigation. This policy and other policies relating to the student conduct will govern the process. For complaints against faculty or staff, the Superintendent or designee will conduct the investigation and adjudication will follow procedures and appeal rights will vary, but, in any event, the School District endeavors to complete the investigatory process within sixty (60) days.

The following board policy outlines the district’s guidelines and procedures for handling bullying and harassment issues.

Board Policy 104.01

Complaint form

Safety Plan