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Tax notice mailing

All Iowa residents recently received a new tax notification mailing. Our goal is always to be as open as we can about school budgets and related taxing, and this newly legislated mailing adds to this goal of transparency. We are adapting to the newness of this step in our budget communication and the timing of this information, so we’ll be making notes for next year about how to better utilize this new opportunity.

In the meantime, what does it mean? The Iowa Department of Management recently released a detailed informational document that you may find helpful. In summary, the mailing is meant to tell you the maximum property tax that is being proposed by all the taxing entities that pertain to property that you own – school district, county, and city.

The property tax rate on the mailing is not final. As we work toward final board approval, there are still opportunities to learn more. The April 8 Regular Board Meeting will be an opportunity to hear a detailed presentation and board discussion about the proposed tax asking for our upcoming fiscal year.

2024-2025 Academic Calendar

The 2024-2025 academic calendar has been board approved and is now available on the district website as well as attached here as a pdf.

A committee of representatives from each Ballard school worked diligently to develop a calendar that addressed three key features:

  1. Adhere to the legislative start date of August 23 and maintaining an intended end date in May
  2. Allow for a two-week winter break without exceeding the intended end date in May
  3. Add four teacher work days without exceeding the intended end date in May

Given the constraints of the natural calendar during the upcoming school year, neither feature 2 or 3 could be accomplished without reducing academic time or setting an intended end date in June. Therefore, in order to accomplish all three key features, the committee recommended that the school day on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday be extended to 8:00-3:15. Additional information about schedules and transportation times will be released this summer.

In addition, the committee recommended adding back two cancellation make up days within the intended calendar – January 3 and April 25. Any additional cancellation days would be made up at the end of the year starting on June 2.

Please keep in mind that I’m available to answer questions and happy to do so, and that you are also welcome to email any board member or attend board meetings as your schedule allows.

Thank you for your partnership and for making this district such a great place to work and live. All the best to you.