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Service Mentoring Program

Elementary school teacher working at desk with schoolboyBallard High School Service Learning Program

Service Learning Guidelines

Ballard Community School’s commitment to education spans far beyond the typical classroom setting. Ballard students are given the opportunity to volunteer and do service through our service learning program.

Service Definition:  Work performed by one that serves others outside of one’s family.

“Leadership is not about a box you check, or a single event.  It’s an ongoing experience of commitment and service.” ~unknown

Rules and Expectations: (200 hours required)

  1. Students can start earning service hours the summer after their 8th grade year. 
    • 9th grade: 50 hours
    • 10th grade: 50 hours
    • 11th grade: 50 hours
    • 12th grade: 50 hours

It is suggested that students complete a minimum of 50 hours of approved service activities per year to reach the total 200 total hours, however, students may accumulate their 200 hours in varying amounts during their four years of high school. 

  1. Service hours must be submitted within 2 months of their completion.  
    • Summer hours should be submitted by September 1st of the following school year.
    • Senior hours must be completed and turned in by May 1st of their graduating year. No hours will be accepted after this date. (anticipated peer helping, May, hours may be logged and signed by your cooperating teacher/supervisor)
  2. Student manager hours – Complete a season in good standing with Coaches signature receive:
    • 50 hours for a season
    • Eligible for manager letter (if applicable)
  3. Peer Helping 
    • 50 hours per semester

Examples that count towards Silver Cord hours:

  • Activity manager 
  • Tutoring (outside of class time)
  • Club activities (FFA, FCCLA, etc.)
  • Yard work/snow removal for a person in need
  • Church activities (teach Sunday School, Greeter, etc.)
  • Volunteer at fundraisers
  • City, community, and/or school cleanup
  • Blood drive donations
  • Salvation Army bell ringer
  • Nursing home/daycare volunteer
  • Volunteer youth coaching

Examples that do not count towards Silver Cord hours:

  • Anything to do with family, including extended family
  • Anything that is paid (babysitting)
  • School activities that are a requirement (ex., FCCLA clean-up)
  • Any type of school practice (fine arts or sports)
  • Anything done during school class time
  • Fundraising for self/team
  • Anything that earns credit toward a class

For more information about becoming a mentor or to volunteer, contact Kellie Boock, Service Coordinator, Ballard Community High School by email or phone, (515) 597-2971 ext. 2190.

Student Service Hours Verification Form