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Please join Dr. Trimble for the December Community Forum on Monday, December 4th at 6:00 at Ballard High School

Class of 1989

Class of 1989 – 30 year reunion

Class of 1989

Graduation Date: Sunday, May 21, 1989
Class Motto: “Some people see things as they are and ask, “why?” We dream things that never were and ask, “why not?” – Robert Kennedy
Class Colors: Red & White
Class Flower: Red Rose
Valedictorians: Sheri Hurd, Jennifer Peterson & Alex Westenfield

Senior Members of the National Honor Society

  • Christine Allie
  • Shannon Antill
  • Eric Brendeland
  • Kirk Hartman
  • Darren Herrold
  • Sheri Hurd
  • Angela Johnson
  • Matthew Kramer
  • Tom Martin
  • Erin Mitchell
  • Jodi Oehlerking
  • Joni Oehlerking
  • Steven Owenson
  • Traci Parmenter
  • Jennifer Peterson
  • Tami Strah
  • Mary Ellen Thomason
  • Kristin Tow
  • Alex Westenfield

Members of the Graduating Class of 1989